Strategic Plan

Strategic Plan

Every three years, the organization tables in the National Assembly a new strategic plan.

The Strategic Plan for 2016-2019 notably lists the orientations of the organization, its objectives, its indicators and its targets. The specific characteristics that are inherent to the organization, namely its mission, vision, values, client and partners, are described below.


Through our audits and our other work, contribute to better management of resources as well as parliamentary control, for the benefit of Quebecers.


The Auditor General of Québec, an institution at the service of the National Assembly; a reference and a team renowned for the quality and usefulness of its work.


Independence, objectivity and integrity: our foundations

Respect and rigour: our commitment

Professionalism and team spirit: our strength


The National Assembly and its committees


Other legislative auditors

Auditing and accounting standard-setting bodies

Chartered professional accountant firms

Audit committees and boards of directors