Organizational Structure

Organizational Structure

Ms. Guylaine Leclerc, Auditor General of Québec, can count on the support of a Deputy Auditor General, Ms. Christine Roy, and of the Assistant Auditors General, Ms. Janique Lambert, Sustainable Development Commissioner, Mr. Patrick Dubuc, Mr. Jean‑Pierre Fiset, Mr. Jacques Hébert and Ms. Caroline Rivard.

The executive team coordinates the work of 4 main auditing directorates, 22 auditing directorates and 4 advisory service or support directorates. To optimize the expertise and the efficiency of the work teams, the auditing directorates focus on either financial audits or performance audits (including audits dealing with the implementation of the Sustainable Development Act).

The scope of the field of activity of the Auditor General requires a wide range of knowledge on the part of employees. That is why the organization’s team includes, in addition to accounting specialists, professionals with a university education in other areas.

Organizational Chart

Ms. Guylaine Leclerc
Ms. Guylaine Leclerc,
FCPA auditor
Auditor General of Québec
Ms. Christine Roy
Ms. Christine Roy,
CPA auditor
Deputy Auditor General
Ms. Janique Lambert
Ms. Janique Lambert,
CPA auditor
Sustainable Development Commissioner and Assistant Auditor General
Mr. Patrick Dubuc
Mr. M. Patrick Dubuc,
CPA auditor
Acting Assistant Auditor General
Mr. Jacques Hébert
Mr. Jacques Hébert,
Assistant Auditor General
Ms. Caroline Rivard
Ms. Caroline Rivard,
CPA auditor
Assistant Auditor General