Access to information

At the Auditor General, access to documents is governed by the Act respecting access to documents helb ty public bodies and the protection of personnal information.

Requests for access

If you would like to obtain a document that is not available on the Auditor General’s website, we invite you to submit a request for access to a document to the person responsible for access to documents.

Distribution of information

The Auditor General is not subject to the Regulation respecting the distribution of information and the protection of personal information. However, in the interest offering citizens more transparency while protecting personal information, the Auditor General makes the following information available: 

Information related to expenditures

Information related to expenditures is available only in French (Renseignements relatifs aux dépenses).

Information related to contracts

Documents related to awarded contracts are available only in French (Renseignements relatifs aux contrats).

Financial Commitments are available only in French (Engagements financiers).