Intellectual Property

Provisions Concerning the Protection of the Intellectual Property Rights

The information contained in this site is the property of the Auditor General of Québec, which is the legal holder of the intellectual property rights related to this information. Unless stipulated otherwise, these rights apply to all documents, data, compilations and other works appearing herein. Any person may, without authorization or fee, provided that he or she mentions the source, use the search engine, reproduce in any format or download the documents, data, compilations and other works contained herein, except for commercial purposes. In that case, prior authorization must be obtained from the Auditor General of Québec.

Integrity of the Information

The Auditor General of Québec guarantees the integrity of the information at the time it first appears on the site but not at a later date. The Auditor General in no way vouches for any document, data or other content if altered or modified in any way before or after downloading. Furthermore, in case of discrepancy between the official text and the text on this site, the official text prevails.

Intellectual Property Rights

Intellectual property rights are exclusive rights held by the Auditor General of Québec to the documents that it produces or publishes, whether administrative or official. These rights notably include copyrights, trademarks and patents. The use by a third party of items covered by such rights must be subject to authorizations, licences, permissions or transfers of interest by the holder of the rights. This is notably the case with reproduction, storage or memorization for a purpose other than those strictly permitted.

Anyone wishing to reproduce, store, download, translate, present sounds or images in public, or transmit by means of telecommunications any document, data or other content of this site, or use the search engine, must obtain the prior authorization of the Auditor General of Québec. In addition, when using these documents, in the broad sense of the term, no one may remove the name of the assign or modify the content thereof, through addition, deletion or otherwise, without infringing on the moral rights of the holder.

Reproduction of Documents Previously Published on the Website of the National Assembly of Québec

The Auditor General reproduces, on its site, the transcriptions of the hearings and the reports of the Committee on Public Administration, a body that answers to the National Assembly. The Auditor General has obtained the necessary authorization for this purpose.